Yabatech Students Shut Campus Over Death Of Final Year Student

Students of a popular Tertiary Institution in Lagos, yesterday, were engaged in a massive protest over the death of a final year female student Lasan Charity, which was caused by the school’s negligence.

While protesting the death of the final year student, students of Yabatech shut down both gates into the campus.

According to the protesters, the death of the student was caused as a result of medical negligence and the dilapidated condition of the college’s medical facilities.

It was gathered that the crisis erupted over the death of Lasan Charity, a final year student of Office Technology and Management (OTM), at about 5:00am on Wednesday, after she was denied proper treatment at the Medical Center and reportedly abandoned by nurses.

And in an effort to suppress media reports of the story, security personnel on the campus detained journalists who arrived to interview the protesting students and electronic equipment was forcibly seized from the reporters and their recordings wiped out.

It was learnt that the deceased student took ill day before yesterday and visited the college Health Center where she was reportedly treated with negligence, to which the protesting students attributed her death to.

The students, who also said they saw the remains of the deceased being poorly handled, eventually went to the security post to get the detained journalists released and began a fresh protest for an open coverage.

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