WWE Special: CM Punk To Fight 3 Men!

Wrestling fans, especially those die hard followers of the sport in Nigeria will not like to miss the forth coming fight involving CM Punk, who is set to take on three opponents at the same time.
CM Punk says he will get an opportunity to prove his wrestling prowess come 15 December this year, and hopes that the fight will afford him a chance to bust through The Shield at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs, TLC, but there are concerns it would not be on a level playing field.
The Straight Edge Superstar has the deck stacked against him, as he would be taking on United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns all at once in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match.
Though The Shield made an impact upon their WWE debut about a year ago by consistently helping Punk extend his historic WWE Championship reign, the relationship between The Hounds of Justice and The Second City Saint has been anything but friendly in recent weeks.
CM Punk had been focused on helping Daniel Bryan vanquish The Wyatt Family, but that all changed during the 25 November edition of Raw.
After a brutal clash with The Wyatts, the eerie trio walked off with a dazed Bryan in tow. Punk, visibly exhausted, and tried to chase after the bizarre clan, but was stopped dead in his tracks when Roman Reigns appeared seemingly out of nowhere, viciously spearing Punk to the arena floor.
The Hounds of Justice pounced on their weakened prey, throwing him back in the ring for their devastating Triple Power-bomb.
The Second City Saint thought The Authority might have been behind the sneak attack. But while Kane said The Authority’s investigation found no collusion, The Director of Operations came up with a way for Punk to release his frustrations, announcing the 3-on-1 bout.
Though Punk likes having the odds against him, having to face all three Shield members at once may be too high a mountain to climb for the former WWE Champion.
He would be facing the United States Champion, the crafty Seth Rollins and a man who single-handedly defeated four Superstars at Survivor Series in Roman Reigns.
Despite the incredible disadvantage he would face, will CM Punk be able to survive, or will The Shield serve their twisted brand of justice at the event next Sunday? Well, the fight starts from 8pm, son, keep a date with eyeonthesports.com to know the outcome of the mouth watering encounter.

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