Secret For Women To Look 10 Years Younger

Many do not know that women can look ten years younger than their true ages. For thousands of years, women have sought to “turn back the clock” and eliminate the visible signs of ageing so that they can appear young and vibrant well into their golden years.

And over time, many anti ageing treatments have been discovered and implemented. Along side, natural remedy/preventive methods have also been revealed. There are many healthy aspects for a glowing anti ageing skin.

Follow the simple tips and home made recipes to kick-off the anti ageing problems.

1. Sunscreen Rule number one, always wear sun screen (broad spectrum SPF) on your face which protects against UV rays. Rule number two, eat foods that are known to increase lycopene, the skin’s own SPF. An antioxidant found in tomatoes, and other red and orange fruit and veg, it can boost your sun protection by a whopping 33%. One of the best sources is tomato paste, another is the green tea, it also contains caffeine which is thought to help cut your skin cancer risk. If you need a treat, high quality dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids that can help protect against sunburn.

2. More Exercising is as good for your skin as it is for your body and one reason is because it releases a compound called IL 15, which prevents cell death.

3. Facial massage Take a minute every night to massage in your skincare products, which in turn helps to lift your facial muscles. Do circular motions with the fingertips in opposite directions on each hand, this encourages elasticity and breaks the pattern of tension helping prevent a degeneration of the tissues.

4. Eat less sugar, a diet high in sugar accelerates the process of glycation which ages skin. Glycation is when excess glucose from the blood-stream binds to the skin’s ‘youth proteins’ (the collagen and elastin that makes youthful complexions appear so plump and doughy) and instead turns them brittle and stiff. Mica Engel. -Swap sugar-laden treats for anti-ageing antioxidants such as dark berries, avocados and green juices.

5. Quench your skin with moisturisers “With age, skin’s ability to hold water decreases and dehydration is common, this means that your skin would start to look flat and fine lines would appear that need to be quenched with moisture-retaining skincare, on top of drinking water.

6. Exfoliate twice weekly Encouraging the sheading of dead skin cells speeds up the growth of new ones. Young skin is smooth and reflects the light better whereas older skin tends to be rougher which refracts light, so regular exfoliation will help you maintain your radiance and a bright youthful glow.

7. Up your oils Take omega oils from a young age, fish or vegetable omega oil capsules should be consumed daily. These ‘good fats’ are responsible for the health of the cell membrane, which, when healthy yields more subtle skin.

8. Always remove your make-up Never go to bed with an uncleansed face, it encourages ageing given that it immediately clogs (and stretches) pores and over time causes collagen breakdown. Use a balm or a gentle foam cleanser in the shower, they take your makeup off as well and rinse off clean. Easy!

9. Get more beauty sleep When you’re tired you tend to get stressed easily and crave junk food, both of which are notorious agers. Not only does getting 8 hours shut-eye minimise this, when you sleep your skin repairs itself and new cells grow to replace older ones. The growth hormone functions only at night, so beauty sleep is more than a myth, it’s why humans are diurnal.

Source: e247mag.

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