Woman Wants Court To Dissolve Marriage

The 10-year-old marriage of a businesswoman, Mrs Gloria Ehireme, may be dissolved over husband’s infidelity if an Igando Customary Court in Lagos grants her request.

The petitioner said that her husband, Solomon, brings women into their matrimonial home.

“My husband was in the habit of bringing his lovers to our bedroom to spend days or months before leaving. They will used the water I fetched, cook my food to eat and leave the kitchen untidy for me to clean.

“I always leave my bedroom for them to sleep in the guest room. Recently, he came home with a lady who stole my Brazilian hair, I discovered after she had left. I told my husband to retrieve my Brazilian hair from his lover.

“When my husband was jobless, he does not have any girls but now that God had use my brother to make him rich, he is now running after girls of different types. Anytime, I confronted him of his infidelity, he always tell me that I am not his taste that he is just managing me.

“On four occasions, I had reported him to our families who called him to order but he refused to change,” she said.
The mother of three described her husband as an ingrate. I brought Solomon from the village, and got him his first job, after six years, he lost the job when it folded up.

“His family could not help him, I pleaded with my brother in Canada who sent him money and we used the money to buy land and established a school.

“We also used the other part of the money to open a big shop where my husband sells electronics. After the business is now booming, he sacked me from the school and take over the property we both owned,” she said.

She urged the court to dissolve the union that she was no longer interested, that she need a Godly man.

“Please, end the loveless marriage, so that I can marry a God-fearing man, this my husband is a devil,” she said.

Solomon Ehireme, however, said that he was not having an extra marital affair that those women he accommodated had problems.

“I am not dating those women, the first woman I brought home to spent some months had accommodation problem. The other woman who only stayed with us for six weeks had marital problem. Her husband chased her out of her matrimonial home to marry another woman,” he said.

The 42-year-old businessman confirmed that his brother-in-law gave him money and that he used it to buy land and built the school.

“How can my wife be telling me that we both own the school when It is me his brother gave money not her. That she advised me to buy land and build a school does not mean that she must have a share in the school,” he said.

The respondent said that when he called his lover to return his wife’s Brazilian wig that she told him it has been stolen by robbers who came to rob them.

He accused his wife of threatening his life to kill.

“She always tell me that she would kill me one day, that if she is unable to do it personally, she will send someone to do it for her,” the estranged man said.

He said that he sacked his wife from his school because she always fight with his female staff accusing them of dating him.

He consented to the dissolution of the marriage that he too was fed up with the union.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, after listening to the estranged couple adjourned the case to April 18 for further hearing.

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