Woman Banned For In-descent Dressing In Front Of Daughter

A woman is claiming that a cop at Six Flags confronted her over the length of her shorts in front of her 11-year-old daughter.

Unfortunately, public debate over women’s clothes is nothing new to the news cycle. Recently, a TikTok went viral after a young woman claimed a mom pressured her to leave a beach because she was wearing a bikini. Earlier in March, another TikTok went viral after a woman accused her neighbor of calling the police over her outfit.

Now, another woman is stepping forward with a similar event that she captured on film.

Bailey Breedlove took to Facebook on May 2 to claim that she and her family were visiting a Six Flags amusement park in Oklahoma City when her 11-year-old daughter was stopped by an officer for rolling down a hill with her Heelys — a brand of skate shoe with a removable wheel embedded in the sole.

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