Winners Golden Bet Rewards Exceptional Agents

For the second month running, Winners Golden Bet, a top sports betting firm, has rewarded its agents for their strong performance, loyalty and commitment.

Explaining Winners Golden Bet’s decision to reward its agents, Ayo Sajimi, its General Manager, said the reward given to the agents is in appreciation of their diligent performance and their loyalty to the company as well as a form of cushion against the infrastructural and logistical hardships they experience in the course of their business.

“When we considered the amount you spend on fueling your generators and money spent on internet subscription, we observed that what you spend is high. What we have done is to find ways in which we can reduce the impact of such expenditures on your business”, said Sajimi at a ceremony held at the firm’s headquarters at Oregun, Lagos, on Wednesday.

On the criteria used to reward the agents, Sajimi explained that his company considered those with high sales and prompt payments by the respective agents.

The agents who met the company’s targets in November went away with gifts like inverter, 32” television set, power generating set, complete computer system and two-month paid internet subscription for 5 agents.

One of the beneficiaries and owner of Sulaimon Sports Bet Shop, Mr. Olanrewaju Sulaimon thanked the management of Winners Golden Bet for encouraging agents by recognizing their role in the value chain. Sulaimon won an inverter.

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