My Wife Is Pregnant For Our Driver

.Divorce Seeking Christopher Tells Court –
By Nike Adekunle –

“My wife cheated on me, she is pregnant for my driver, “a 45-year-old businessman, Christopher Madu, told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos.
Madu said that his wife, Esther, of 14 years in marriage, was impregnated by his driver.

“My wife is presently pregnant for the ¬†driver I employed to be taking my children to and fros school.

“I employed him because of my wife phobia for driving not even knowing that my wife is having an affair with him.

“I stumbled on a result in her wardrobe when I was looking for a key that she was two months pregnant.

“I was shocked because she has been denying me sex for three months now because I refused to give her money to celebrate her birthday.

“When she came into the room, I presented the test result to her but she could not say anything.

“The following morning, she was no where to be found, she packed her belonging and left.
“I later got a tip-off from people that she is living with the driver.

“Anyway, I do not blame her for the infidelity because I met her at a club,” the estranged husband said.

The petitioner begged the court to dissolve the marriage that he was tired and no longer in love with Esther.

Esther, however, accepted the allegation that she was pregnant for their driver, saying that it was devil handiwork.

“I regretted getting pregnant for our driver, it was the devil that pushed me to it,” she said.

The 39-year-old housewife said that her husband was fetish.

“My husband is fetish, there was a day he make love to me and after the love making, I touched my private part and discovered a strange oil in my vaginal.

“I asked him what he robbed on his manhood, he said that it was palm kernel oil that his friends gave him to make sex interesting.

“After that day I was sick and getting emaciated, my family took me to our village.

“After about a month that I recovered, my husband woke me up around 12:00am and asked me to bathe inside a big bowl.

“I refused and since that day, he made the house unbearable for me by refusing to give me anything I asked for,” she said.

The pregnant respondent said that her husband always threat her life with acid.

“There was a day he threatened to pour acid on me to disfigure me and make me less attractive.

The mother of four conceded to the dissolution of the marriage that she was also fed up with the union.

The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case until April 18 for judgment.

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