‘My Wife Harbours Her Lover In Our Matrimonial Home’

A 57-year-old businessman, Mr Bidemi Balogun, had approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his 16 years old marriage over wife’s infidelity, eyeonthenws.com reports.

Balogun, said that his wife, Dupe,  who bore him four children brings her lover into their matrimonial room.

“My wife used to invite a man home. I have caught them inside our bedroom on different occasions.

“There was a day I met the man in our room wearing only boxers and I believe they must have had sex because I saw a drug on the table with inscription ‘after sex’,” he said.

The petitioner said that he once destroyed his wife’s phone when he heard her talking to her lover on phone.

“I overheard my wife talking to another man on phone and saying sweet words to him. She was calling the man ‘my love’, and was reciting love poem to him. when I confronted her, she could not even deny it.

“In anger, I snatched the phone from her, smashed it to the ground and beat her out of annoyance.She arrested me with the Police and my mother came to bail me after three days,” he said.

He said that Dupe had become uncontrollable.

“She goes out and returns home late, sometimes, she does not even come home,” Balogun said.

Balogun told the court that, Dupe refused to follow him to his village to take oath of fidelity.

“She refused to take the oath to prove she was not cheating on me,” the estranged man said.

He said that his wife drinks to stupor and smokes Indian hemp, after which she usually loses self control.He begged the court to terminate the marriage that he was fed up and can no longer continue with Dupe.

However, Dupe, said that she was not dating the man her husband always meet in their bedroom that the man was her friend’s husband.

“That man is my friend’s husband,  he is always lonely at his house and that is why I always invite him to our house to keep his company.

“Also, I am not dating the man my husband claimed I was talking to on phone, the man want to help me get a contract,” she said.

The 42-year-old housewife, said that her husband engages in fetish practices, that she saw her missing panties in her husband’s bag and she believe it was for ritual purposes.

“I saw my two panties in my husband’s brief case when I opened it without his knowledge to take a pen to write something.Since my panties got missing, I had often perceived strange voices echoing my name,” Dupe said.

The respondent said that her husband was always threatening her life with acid.

“My husband is always threatening my life with acid; he vowed to disfigure me,” she said.

The mother of four pleaded with the Court to grant her husband’s wish that she too was no longer in love with her husband.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, after listening to the estranged couple adjourned the case to May 30 for judgement.

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