My Wife Beats The Hell Out Me, Retiree Tells Court

Unable to withstand further beating by his wife,  Mr Christopher Peter has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his marriage.

The petitioner said that his wife of 25 years, Esther, with whom he had four children beat him at will.

“My wife turns me into a punching bag anytime we have misunderstanding, she often beat the hell out of me. There was a day she beat me with a wire and I fainted, it took the intervention of our neighbours who rushed me to the hospital, I could have died.

“She once dragged me on the floor and I have bruises all over my body, she did not even pity my condition, with wounds all over my body.

“I have lost a tooth due to her frequent beating. When I reported her to my family, they came to my house to warn her to desist from beating me, but after they left,  the beating continued unabated,” the estranged man said.

Peter said that his wife obeyed and respective him when he had money but after he retired, her behavior changed  towards him.

“When I was working and in good health, everything was going smoothly, my wife never raised her hands against me but when things turned the other way, she came out with her true colour,” he said.

The 60-year-old who is suffering from stroke said his wife even starves him of sex and food.

“The last time my wife allowed me to make love to her was in March 2014. She does not cook for me, I bought food to eat,” he  said.
He alleged that his wife is a ‘thief’.

“I caught my wife thrice stealing my money. Whenever I wanted to take money either to buy food or pay our children’s school fees, I always discovered that some notes are missing.

“I often relocate the money but my wife will still find the place. She is stealing the money I am saving for the future of our children,’’ he said.

Peter however begged Court to dissolve the marriage, that he was no longer interested.

“Save me from the cruel hands of my wife, I have suffered so much in silence. I am asking for a divorce because this marriage has already broken down; all we have now is lack of love and threat to life.”

However, Esther confessed that she denied her husband sex because he does not care for her.

According to her, she stopped cooking for her husband because he does not drop money for food.

“My husband doesn’t take care of us, he prefer to spend his monthly pension money on his parent and siblings”.

The 48-year-old respondent said that she never stole her husband’s money and denied beating her husband.

“I have never raised my hands against him since  we got married, ” she said.

The mother of four consented to the dissolution of marriage, saying she too was fed up with the union.

The President of the Court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the case to November 15 for further hearing.

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