I Want To Die, Says World’s Oldest Man

An Indonesian man who claims he is the world’s oldest at an incredible 145 years says his next ‘ambition’ is just to die.

According to documentation recognised by Indonesian officials, a 145-year-old man identified as Mbah Gotho who was born on 31st December 1870, has been declared as the world’s oldest man alive in the world history who has outlived all 10 of his siblings as well as his four wives, the last of whom died in 1988.

According to Dailymail, Mbah’s children have also died, and now he is survived by his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren.

New images released by the British publication show the man eating, drinking and spending time with family members, and despite his alleged advanced age, the man is still able to walk and move independently.

The super senior citizen from Sragen, Central Java, was interviewed by Liputan 6 television news, and he said he has been through it all and would not mind passing on. ‘What I want is to die. My grandchildren are all independent,’ he told Liputan 6 on Tuesday.

He eats everything and has never even been ill,’ a family member said.

Suryanto, Mbah Gotho’s grandson, said his grandfather has been preparing for his death ever since he was 122, but it never seemed to come. ‘The gravestone there was made in 1992. That was 24 years ago,’ he said.

In addition, Suryanto said Mbah Gotho’s family has already prepared a grave site for him – near his children’s graves.

Meanehile, staff at the Indonesian records office have confirmed Mbah Gotho’s birthdate, which is specified on his Indonesian ID card as 31st December 1870.

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