University Of Ibadan Expels 80 Students

The leadership of the Nigerian’s premier University in Ibadan has announced the expulsion of eighty students at the end of the last academic session for poor academic performance.

Vice Chancellor of Nigeria’s premier University, Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka, disclosed this on Thursday at the matriculation of 4008 students for the 2015/ 2016 session.

The event which was postponed last week held at the university’s International Conference Centre.

Twenty-eight of the expelled students came from the sciences, while 20 came from Agriculture and Forestry department.

Arts produced 13 of them, Basic Medical Sciences 1, Public Health 1, Social Sciences 6, Education 4, Technology 5, and Veterinary Medicine 2.

Olayinka told the freshmen that other reasons students could lose their studentship include: examination misconduct, unruly behavior, indecent behavior, vandalism, miscellaneous hall offences, unauthorized use/displacement/damage to university property, pilfering, insubordination, direct sale of bed space/squatting in halls of residence, membership of secret cult(s) on campus, illegal participation in the National Youth Service Programme, illegal registration as full-time student, and infringement of other university regulations.

“Any of the under-listed is a criminal offence which must be referred to the Police: fraud, theft, burglary, assault occasioning bodily harm, murder, membership of a secret cult inside or outside campus, possession of fire-arms, arson, rape, possession and/or use of hard drug and drug trafficking and other criminal offences”.

Olayinka advised the new students tasting freedom for the first time that freedom is not absolute.

“Those of you who are leaving home for the first time would realize that you are now exposed to enjoy a measure of freedom, which you may not have enjoyed before, as you are no longer under the watchful eyes of your parents.

This freedom, however, has its limitations. In other words, your freedom ends at the point where you trample on the fundamental human right of others, or when you infringe on the rules and regulations of the University”.

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