United Logistics Picks Holes In National Stadium Renovation

Photo: Pa Adebutu Keshington (Baba Ijebu) center with the Sports Minister Sunday Dare during the inspection/approval for the renovation of the Stadium to commence. –

All is not well with the renovation being carried out at the National Stadium in Lagos, as one of the contractors; United Logistics opened up on the poor handling of the project.

United Logistics, in an official Press Release maid available to eyeonthenews.com, hinted that the materials being used for the renovation are substandard.

United Logistics said they were bypassed halfway into the renovation exercise being carried out at the Lagos National Stadium.

“Good day to you gentlemen of the press. We at United Logistics want to set the records straight about the current renovation at the National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos.

“Firstly, we are doing this to ensure our nation is not shortchanged, to protect interest of lovers of tracks/field sports and of course, the sponsors of the renovation being carried out.

As a professional company, we want to state that Kyle Next/Buliders Consult is the main contractor while our company (United Logistics Limited) was contacted as Consultants for Technical Support for Supply and Installation of the Electronic scoreboard and the Running Tracks.

After an official presentation of Mondo Tracks to Chief Adebutu Kensington (Baba Ijebu), who in his philanthropic gesture approved procurement of Mondo Tracks and Stadium electronic scoreboard before the appointed contractors later turn around to procure what was different from the agreed Tracks and Scoreboard from Mondo. Mondo was the original presentation to the PPP in the beginning.

As a Management, we criticized the Contactor appointed by the government for the renovation of the national stadium for its unprofessional conduct in the way it has been handling the entire project, especially the planting of the Natural Grass and the installation of the Casali track.

We believe it is because they don’t want to pay the contract balance to United Logistics for importation of the Scoreboard and Tartan Tracks and their refusal to prepare the sub base and drainage according IAAF standard which lead to United Logistics refusal to install on a defective Asphaltic track and Blocked drainage.

Despite the Company’s criticism of shoddiness and unprofessional manner the Renovation works is being handled, they decided to contract the laying of the Track in the usual Nigeria “Rush Rush manner to another unprofessional contractor for the laying of the National Stadium’s Tartan Tracks, an amateur company without proven experience on installation of Prefabricated Running Track in Nigeria and without an IAAF installation license.

We in United Logistics are the sole representatives of Casali of Italy in Nigeria, the manufacturer of the Tartan Track and a sister company to Mondo spa which is the world leading supplier of tartan tracks and Olympic supplier since 1978.
We are known for sophisticated sports facilities and world class production of sports surface construction, athletics formworks, road construction and renovation, artificial turf for Soccer field and Indoor Sports Flooring, Admixtures and Chemicals for Renovation of Dilapidated Stadium Stand, Beams and Slabs.

Photo: The Kaduna Stadium tracks built by United Logistics still strong since 2009.

I, the Director of United Logistics, Engineer Tox Osibanjo, in this Press Release today, state that my company was contracted by the Nigerian government to procure tracks for the renovation of the National Stadium, which were perfectly delivered in good condition.

It would be recalled that Government announced that the laying of the Stadium’s tracks started last week.

We were contacted to prepare our Technical Team from Italy for pre-inspection of the Stadium Tracks so as to begin the final stage of Installation of the Track and all efforts made by our company for the payment of our balance proved abortive.
To our surprise, we saw in the national newspapres, the usual Government Magic that an amateur company had been assigned the contract for the installation of the Tracks- that United Logistics supplied.

I want to reiterate that our company (United Logistics) was contracted to procure and lay the Casali Track at the dilapidated National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos. We delivered the tracks as specified. So, we were still waiting to get our balance for the purchase done, and then move to the next stage; which is to lay the tracks”, stated Tox Osibanjo.

“Surprisingly, we heard that another local company, which is neither known to Casali Italy nor Mondo, has started laying the tracks. This is really unfortunate and we as a company are not comfortable that the job would be done well because we are not allowed to complete the job we started”.

Tox Osibanjo said the National Stadium in Surulere Lagos is an African stadium that should be handled by professionals and not local bricklayers.

“The government, instead of paying our balance, bypassed us to give the job to another company. That’s double standard, we just want the sports loving Nigerians to know that such arrangement can’t stand the test of time”,

Corroborating Tox Osibanjo’s assertion was Osaile Oluwole, the Drector, Experience Sport Facilities Limited and Mondo representative in West Africa, saying “We are not sure that the local company assigned to lay the tracks will do a good job.

“It’s unprofessional that United Logistics are not allowed to complete the good job that they started. We have a track record together, at least the tracks of Kaduna Stadium that our company laid since 2009 has stood the test of time in comparison to other Tracks across Nigeria that have failed.

Information reaching us also indicates that a certain organization has been importing inferior tracks and branding it Mondo tracks. We want to state categorically that only Kaduna Stadium and that of Abeokuta has been supplied and installed by Mondo and all other stadiums that claim to be Mondo tracks are far from the truth.

According to Osaile Oluwole, awarding the laying of contact to amateurs instead of professionals could spell doom for the development of sports generally in the country and the Lagos National Stadium deserve better justice than injustice they are doing to the Sport Complex Track and Natural Grass Soccer Field.

Osaile is however pleading with the federal government and state governments to invest more on world class sporting materials in the country because they last more and would also give Nigerian athletes the same fighting chances with their counterparts since they are training on the same sports flooring.

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