UN Peacekeepeers Barter Goods For Sex, Reports Reveal

Latest reports say UN peacekeepers regularly barter goods for sex with people in the countries the world body is meant to be helping, a draft UN report says. 

The document by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) says it has found that hundreds of women in Haiti and Liberia have been motivated by hunger and poverty to sell s*x.

A report by BBC claims that they are paid with cash, jewellery, mobile phones and other items. The report further says 480 sexual exploitation and abuse claims were made in 2008-13.

One-third of the allegations involved children. The UN draft report says hundreds of women surveyed in Haiti and Liberia told they had been motivated by hunger, poverty and lifestyle improvement to sell sex to UN peacekeepers, according to Reuters news agency.

“Evidence from two peacekeeping mission countries demonstrates that transactional sex is quite common but under reported in peacekeeping missions,” the news agency is quoting the draft report.

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