UK-Based Ajose, Ekundayo To Meet Assembly Members

.To Promoting Nigeria Globally

Leading British Sports agency, World Class Athletes Ltd, are bringing the two best Nigerian boxers in the world back to Nigeria.

The boxers are former Olympian, and World Title Challenger, Ajose Olusegun, and current undefeated African Champion, Larry Ekundayo.

Reports say they will be accompanied by Head of World Class Athletes, Ben Gray and the boxers Special Advisor, Bimbo Folayan, Executive Director of the Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit and former head of the Central Association of Nigerians in the UK who has been mobilising the Nigerian Community and Government to get behind the boxers.

The Boxers have got a busy schedule ahead of them which includes a workout session with some of Nigerian boxers and donating some boxing equipment to the Nigerian Olympic Team from their sponsors Bullet Energy Drinks and Arik Air.

According to reports, they will be heading to Abuja, where they will be presented to the National Assembly on the 15th of March. While in Abuja, they will be appointed as Investment Representatives for the country and will conduct high level meetings on how they, with the support of the Government and leading businesses, can help deliver sporting glory to Nigeria with the specific aim of helping to improve the country’s image overseas through their sporting achievements.

“Finally, they will return to their home town Lagos to meet Lagos State officials and discuss how they can support the states aim of being coming a leading destination for sporting events”, a statement said.

In helping deliver sporting glory, via winning World titles for Nigeria the boxers aim at reigniting the country’s passion for the sport, as boxing is one that they have had a long and proud history in.

World Class Athletes strongly believe that Nigeria can rule the world at this internationally respected sport, in a very short space of time, with the correct support.

“The plan is not only to deliver Nigerian World Champions but also positive trade ambassadors for the country, to help improve trade between the UK and the USA, this will be achieved through the international media attention a World Champion attains.

“The boxers will also encourage Nigerians to not only support their own athletes but also their own businesses whenever they can. To this end the boxers have been invited to represent the Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit in June, in London, where the two boxers will mobilise the Diaspora and other investors to invest in Nigeria.

“The boxers success in the ring would also provide the opportunity for the some of the country’s major cities to stage big sporting events, as Las Vegas in the US and Macau in China do. These events will attract visitors from around the world with the staging of a high profile boxing event being used as a back drop to encourage investment into Nigeria.

“It will also serve to help create jobs in the sports and the hospitality industry and to help inspire the countries youth, whilst also encouraging them with discipline and health through boxing, a sport which Nigeria, with the correct support, can go on to dominate the world at”, the statement concluded.

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