Turbocrest Sports/La Cabana Lounge Backs Sandie Beach Rugby Fiesta

The Management of Turbocrest Sports & La Cabana Lounge, have declared that all is now set for the 2015 edition of the Sandie Beach Rugby carnival as the rugby fraternity in Lagos state are fast catching the frenzy.

According to Ayo Olatunbosun Johnson, CEO of Turbocrest sports, this year’s edition promises be a blast as effort is being made to ensure rugby lovers and the general public witness Beach rugby at a grand scale at the exquisite La Cabana Loungue owned by Chief Babaloke who has displayed an amazing level of philanthropy towards the cause.

Ayo who also doubles as Manager of Racing RFC Lagos, and Head Coach of the All Rugby Schools Elite Development Program, said the two days event slated for 26 and 27 December, promises to be better than last year as elite club sides, and neighboring countries such as Ghana and Benin Republic have shown interest in this year’s edition.

Apart from rubgy matches for kids and professionals, the event will witness side attractions, with the 2011/2012 Glo rock and rule, Silverbird Rhythm invasion winner Sixtus Ohans (aka SIX), performing at the event with La Cabana Lounge, providing refreshments at the most affordable prices.

He also hinted that games such as treasure hunt, tug of war, arm wrestling, eating/drinking contest, and rugby drills, will entertain the crowds with prizes provided by PZ Cussons, My Family Mobile, and GlaxoSmithKline.

Balloons, face painting, horseback riding, cotton candies, barbecues, and more will be available for all to celebrate the festive season as one big happy family.

Ayo thanked the Nigerian Rugby Football Federation for their huge support towards the initiative, and lauded the wonderful effort the federation is making to develop rugby in Nigeria.

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