Tragedy As Mopol Kills Mother Of Tennis Player Macleod

.Angel Macleod (middle) is Nigeria’s promising tennis sensation whose mother was allegedly killed by a Police Mopol. –

The Nigerian tennis family was on Tuesday thrown into uncontrollable mourning after an officer of the Mobile Police Force (MOPOL) allegedly shot dead the mother of teenage tennis star, Angel Macleod.

According to reports, Maccleod’s mother, was reportedly killed by a bullet that emanated from the unnamed Mobile Police Officer, who allegedly engaged in a slight altercation with the deceased at a Lagos hotel.

It was alleged that the Mopol, who was guarding the hotel premises, had hit the deceased, who reportedly hit him back with an object and irked by the retaliation, he subsequently fired a shot from his gun, which eyewitnesses said resulted in the death of Macleod’s mother.

It was learnt that Macleod is in a state of shock as her deceased mother was her all in all, catering to her every needs.

Macleod, who is 14 years old, is the leading junior tennis player in her category, winning all trophies up for grabs in the country.

-Source: vanguard.

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