‘Tolulope’s Murderer In Law’ Movie Premiered In London

The movie Murderer in law was premiered at the Odeon Cinema Greenwich on Friday 26 June, 2015.

Murderer-in-law tells the story of Lola and TJ, both in a relationship. Lola lives with her friend whilst TJ lives at home with his mother, who sees Lola as a threat to a relationship with her son.

The movie reveals how the mother in-law and daughter in-law managed their relationship to a successful story. The story lime was full of suspense and lots of humour.

“This story line is so real and although not all mother in laws are like the one projected in the movie, mothers have this thing of reminding children how they carried them for 9 months and took care of them till they became men”, Vanessa Akola, who acted Suru in the movie said in her review.

It was directed by London based director, Nelson Spyk, while the movie featured Tolulope Yesufu, Adenike Helen Osabutey, Ade Bello, Ken Smart, Danny Erskine, Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, Marie Kumba Gomez, Gift Boyo, Ifeoma Okeke and Vanessa Adekola.

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