Threat To Life: Nigerian Player Seeks Refuge Abroad

One of the buildings destroyed in Nigeria by the sect
DESTROYED: One of the buildings destroyed in Nigeria by the sect.

Nigerian player, David Friday is currently in search of a place to hide his head overseas, following tips from his household in Jos, Plateau State, that some radical Islamic sects are after his life.
Friday, who is based in Greece, is a retired player who once starred for Udoji United of Onitsha in Anambra State.
He also played professional football in Egypt, Brunei, Lebanon and Greece, but he could not continue with his career due to the peculiar problems, which has forced him to seek refuge abroad.
It was gathered that Friday refused to return to his country, Nigeria since 2010, after the 7 March, 2010 killings of his parents in Jos.
The sad incident occurred after the blood thirsty militia Muslim youths who has links with the dreaded Boko Haram sect, stormed their village, Dogo Na Hauwa, and burnt down churches including the Catholic Church owned by David Friday’s parents in a village about 20km from Jos, the Plateau State Capital.
It would be recalled that around 3.00am in the morning of 7 March, 2010, some unknown persons attacked Dogo Na Hauwa and three other villages of Jos South LGA, all to the South East of Bukuru, Headquarters of Jos South LGA of Plateau state, and destroyed houses and churches during the raid.
Reports say well over 500 persons lost their lives during the attack, which also claimed the lives of Friday’s father and mother.
Amongst the churches that were burnt down was his father’s catholic church, and it was gathered that many members of the assembly were killed in the rampage.
Speaking on why he decided to stay put in Athens, and not thinking of coming back home, Friday said: “It’s so sad that I can’t return home after my dad, Reverend John David and my mother Rose David were killed during the attack in Jos.
“I’m pained to the marrow to recall how those things happened back home in Plateau State. As I’m talking today, I’m yet to hear from my brothers; Gabriel David and Lucky David who were in Jos during the raid on our church”.
Sadly too, Friday is yet to know the where about of his sister, Ada David whom he learnt escaped the attack, but further reports say the family members are still is disarray.
However, Friday has not lost everything, as the former footballer says playing football gave him joy and opportunities during his active days.
“Although, I’m not too happy about those who are after my life, I can say playing football gave me fulfilment those days.
“My predicament actually happened some years ago, when I used to be the leader of the youth vigilante group in my Church. Unfortunately, I had to escape from Jos when I was told that the militias from a neighbouring village with support from Boko Haram, declared me wanted on their danger list, saying I was giving information to the government,” Friday said with high degree of regrets.
Meanwhile, the Federal government of Nigeria has been working day and night to get rid of the religious fanatics, who keep killing innocent people in the northern part of Nigeria.
Only this week, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan requested that the state of emergency declared in some northern states be extended by six months, to ensure that activities of the Boko haram sect are halted in the area. The request has since been granted by the National Assembly.

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