Teacher To Divorce Husband Who Raped Neighbour’s 8-Year-Old Girl

Mrs Ruth Williams, has asked an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State, Nigeria, to dissolve her 10-year marriage.

She claims her husband, Kunle, was promiscuous.The 40-year-old teacher said her husband sleeps with any woman.

“He sleeps with anything in skirt and lacks good taste.To let you know how loose he is, when I was admitted at the hospital after a surgery, my husband, who is slack when it comes to women, was arrested and also arraigned in court for raping our neighbour eight-year-old daughter.

“I also received information on my sick bed that he brings several women into our matrimonial home.And truly, when I came back home, I saw different types of used condoms in our waste bin,” she said.

The petitioner said that her husband abandoned her for another woman, claiming she stinks.

“My husband told me that he didn’t love me anymore that I was now stinking. He abandoned me and our child at home and left with another woman for an unknown place.

“He now realises that I stink after I invested fortunes on him. I married my husband when he had nothing. I fed him and clothed him.

“He collected my ATM cards and withdraw my money at will and claimed he loved me passionately. I actually leaned on the promises he made to me not knowing that they were all fake.

“I was so blindly in love that I could not see that this man is a gold digger and that he was out to ruin me completely.When my business was booming, I bought him two different cars and make life comfortable for him but when I lost my job he started cheated on me and misbehaving,” the estranged woman told the Court.

She urged the Court to end the marriage that she was no more interested as her husband has abandoned her for another woman.

Rebutting the allegations, Kunle said that what used to cause their frequent fighting was that his wife used to accommodate her married friends in their house.

“Ruth brings her friends home to spend days, weeks and even months and whenever I told her to send her friends away, she will be fighting me,” he said.

The 44-year-old businessman also said that Ruth was threatening to kill him.

“My wife once put ‘Jik’, that’s used for washing clothes in my food. I perceived the odour of the Jik when I removed the food from the fridge. When I called her attention to the food, she quickly carried the food and dispose off it.

“Because of that incident, I stopped eating her food and stopped making love to her since October last year,” he said.

Kunle said that he never brought his lovers into their matrimonial home when his wife was admitted at the hospital.

The respondent said that he was arraigned in court for raping their neighbour’s daughter, claiming that he did not actually rape the girl, that he only put his finger in the girl’s private part.

“I did not raped the girl, I only romanced her,” he said.

He consented to the dissolution of the marriage, saying that he too was tired and was no longer in love with Ruth.

The Court President, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to August 8 for further hearing.

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