TCN Plans To Double Circuit Alaoji-Onitsha 330KV Transmission Facility

In a bid to improve transmission of electricity to parts of Anambra, Onitsha and environs, the existing Alaoji-Onitsha 330KV Single Circuit power transmission line will be rebuilt into Double Circuit Quad Transmission line.

A statement of Anambra Ministry of Information says the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) engaged a firm of consultants, Messrs Geomatics Nigeria Limited, to carry out Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement ACTION Plan (RAP) for the project.

This is, as required by the environment and social impact Assessment Act (EIA) Act CAP E12 LFN 2004 at a workshop held at Beautiful Gate Hotel Resort, Awka.

The RAP Consultant, Mr Bassey Uzodimma explained that the objective of the project was for transmission of electricity to meet the short fall in supply from the existing facilities.

He said it would add value to the economy by improving electricity power supply and to ensure sustainable economic development in Nigeria as well as to generate employment.

Uzodimma described the project as a brand-filled project; as single circuit would be reconstructed and removed.

“It will be replaced with double circuit strength, a capacity to yield more electricity power. This is because we need more power and if it is done well, will have impact locally, nationally, and internationally,” Uzodimma said.

He noted that the single circuit 330KV was no longer adequate to carry the amount of electricity needed through the route, because the double circuit would assure more electricity than the single circuit.

“TCN has developed the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Programme (TREP), to improve the wheeling capacity from 10,000MW to about 25,000MW.”

Uzodimma stressed that the project would ensure the generation of 25,000MW, being projected to have enough capacity to take them to various locations, where they would be used.

“When the generating company acquires the capacity to give us this 25,000MW as projected and there is no transmission capacity and so that is why the programme called TREP is needed.

“So, we need to expand and enforce the transmission infrastructure all over the country and not just in our areas, where Nigeria is projecting to have about 25,000MW by 2027,” he added

The consultant emphasised that the communities, where the high tension wires would be affected include Ugwuaba, Awada, Mgbuka, Obosi, Oraifite, Ozubulu, Okija and Ubuluisiuzor.

According to him, EIA will be initiated to make references where the Ministry of Environment will screen and decide whether EIA is required.

“If EIA is required, they continue to engage the stakeholders, with the prepared scoping report.”

Earlier, the Traditional Ruler of Oraifite, Igwe Daniel Udeoji, represented by Mr Victor Udeh-Ubaka said that his community would support TCN in every area they want help.

Igwe Udeoji added that they should hurry and start the project immediately, “we want action not big grammar.”

Traditional Ruler Ubuluisiuzor, Igwe John Ifeka Ozulumba promised to do everything within his powers to ensure that their work would move smoothly. “I will try my best to stop encroachment, he said”.

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