Synagogue: 8 July Is Judgement Day

The Coroner ‘s  Inquest into the collapse of a guest house on September 12, 2014 at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, on Tuesaday fixed 8 July to deliver its findings as it drew curtains on the proceedings.

The presiding coroner judge, Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe fixed the date after parties in the matter submitted their final written addresses to the coroner’s court to justify their positions on what led to the collapse of the building which claimed over 116 lives, who were mainly foreigners from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The coroner’s court which sat for over eight months was set up by the Lagos State Government in line with the Coroner Law of Lagos State to unravel the cause of the building collapse, identify the victims and how they died.

Moments after the building collapsed, the church had claimed it was as a result of some external factors, which it linked to a strange aircraft that hovered above the building shortly before it collapsed.

Specifically the church released video clips posted on social media platforms and before the court to show that indeed the tragedy was never caused by them.

However, the state government maintained that the tragedy occurred as a result of faulty building structures and lack of approval from the authorities.

According to, several  witnesses, mainly professionals and eye witnesses appeared before the court to address it on reasons why the six storey building which served as a guest house for foreigners carved in.

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