Sports Create Job Opportunity

Hello sports fans across the globe. I’m back with another edition of my column on Sports and Job opportunity.
Sport can be an effective stimulus for economic development, especially at the local level. The linkages between the different elements of the sports sector are highly effective when harnessed locally because of existing economies of scale. Rebranding sports is an effective stimulus for economic development in Nigeria & Africa. Individually, each of the various sectors of sports can create economic activities including jobs and wealth. When several of these are combined together into a single strategy, it is possible to achieve additional economic gains because of the synergies that result. The local economic potential of sports is further enhanced when supported by national ‘sports for all’ strategies.
However; Encouraging sports and sports-based economic activities, it is possible to initiate a ‘virtuous circle’ in which new forms of activities are generated, requiring additional goods and services, creating jobs and contributing to economic development. Here, the provision of financial and technical assistance, such as coaching/training or assistance with technical aspects of sporting goods manufacturing abilities, that will be beneficial and provide the support .
Both the design and implementation of sport-based local economic development strategies must be participatory, encouraging and facilitate partnerships between local stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, community groups, employers and employees. Such strategies should take an integrated approach, considering activities that concern small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), employment creation and training, and the development of infrastructure:
Manufacturing of sporting goods: There is high consumer demand for sporting goods. However, many of these goods are prohibitively expensive in the developing context. This unfilled demand provides opportunities for local SMEs to use existing skills and facilities to produce specialised sporting equipment at a price that is locally affordable. With this move, we will open doors of new dawn for local manufacturers and that will provide jobs for the youth.
Sports and job creation: Sport is an effective tool for job creation. By developing new activities based on sports or by more effectively using existing sports facilities, sport- and community-based programmes can create jobs, particularly for young people, and especially where unmet demand is identified. (Remember an amateur was the first to build a boat, before such talents graduated to be professionals who built the titanic ship).
It has taken Nigeria half of a century to build her first automobile vehicle. Better late than never, Nigeria can still manufacture sporting goods and create job opportunities for this generation.
The development of these zones increased employment opportunities for the unemployed and included vocational training and work experience in the environment field, teaching skills increasingly in demand in the region through sports and employment training; Sports-related initiatives can improve the capacity of the labour force.
Beyond the increased productivity generated by having a physically active workforce. Sports are valuable employment training tools because sports teach skills such as the value of effort and how to work as a team, thus improving employment. This is especially effective when focused on young people and marginalized groups through networking.
Join me next time to continue with this edition, till then, have a nice day and poke in some goals for now and the future.
+Goals give good count and edge over others, even if the inputs tally. Remember that goals can also cause setbacks when all inputs tally. However, only goals and consistency can make the difference in life.
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Peter Ijeh,
ULc, BSs.

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