Sports & Management: Matters Arising

Hello sports fans, I’m glad be be back with another edition of my column, titled ‘Sport and Management’. Of course, it’s a way of life back home in Nigeria.
It is heartwarming to note that millions of people around the globe are employed in sports organizations.
Sports have created opportunities in areas as diverse as event management, broadcasting, venue management, marketing, professional sports, and coaching, as well as in allied industries such as sports-equipment manufacturing, Sports-footwear and apparel, and retail to mention just a few.
At the elite level, sports have moved from being amateur or pastimes to become big businesses and industries.
The growth and professionalization of sports have driven changes in the consumption and production of sports equipment. Same upward changes have been witnessed in the management of sporting organizations at all levels of sports.
However, managing sport organizations at the start of the twenty-first century should involve high level techniques and strategies evident in the majority of modern day business, government, and should not bee sen as a profit-making organization.
Academically, Sport & Management provide a superb range of texts for the common subjects in sport business and management courses. They provide essential resources for academics, students and managers, and are international in scope.
Supported by excellent case studies, useful study questions, further reading lists; Power-Point slides, the series represent a consistent, planned, and targeted approach explained in simple terms explained below;

A) Provides a high-quality, accessible, and affordable portfolio of titles, that match management development needs through various stages; 

B) Prioritizes the publication of texts where there are current gaps in the market, or where current provision is unsatisfactory;

C) Develops a portfolio of both practical and stimulating texts in all areas of sport management.

The Sport Management Series, the first of its kind, and as such is recognized as being consistent, high quality and will quickly become the series of first choice for academics for the students and managers.

Nigeria can lead by being the first of this kind in designating sports precepts and making it right.
 If we believe we can, we probably can. If we believe we won’t, we most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets one off the launching pad. Hope you enjoyed today’s piece? I will be back with another edition soon. Please, do send your reactions to
Peter Ijeh, (ULc, BSs)

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