Sport As A Tool For Development And Peace

Hello sports lovers, it’s a pleasure to be back with this week’s edition of my column, which is ‘Using Sport as a tool’ for development and peace.
It is pertinent to note that sport is far more than a luxury or a form of entertainment. Access to and participation in sport is a human right and essential for individuals of all ages to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
From play and physical activity to organised competitive event, sport has an important role in all societies. Sport is critical to a child’s development.
It teaches core values such as co-operation and respect. It improves health and reduces the likelihood of disease. It is a significant economic force providing employment for all ages and contributing to local development.
In addition, it brings individuals and communities together, bridging cultural or ethnic divides. Sport offers a cost-effective tool to meet many development and peace challenges. Gone are the days when sport is known as a mere game or activity for ‘drop-outs’ or those that are termed ‘less educated’.
However, the efficacy of its effect has overturned after the millennium, whereby there is division of labour in its segments in soccer terms.
The Defence, midfield and attack. A team without a good Defence is regarded as a house without a roof; likewise a country without a Defence. This is just a highlight of soccer and it’s potentials.
While the midfield power house of the system, is the support system of the defense & offense as well. Realizing the potentials of sport is important for the nation, state and locality.
It breaks boundaries and gives rooms for ethnic equalities for every individual, and the right for a better sport development for the youth: Creative and focusing on achieving goals.
Any establishment with clear vision of Goal setting always ends up successful.
And let us remember that an individual, a team or country that divide against itself can not stand. So, let’s embrace sport and utilise its potentials to develop all facets of our lives for greater performances of all and sundry.
And from me your anchor of this column, my advise for you is to remember to do some sports and poke-in some goals as always.
Hope you enjoyed this edition? Join me again for the next edition. Till then, have a blissful week.

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Peter Ijeh,
ULc, BSs.

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