Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

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Most relationships end without some seeing the handwriting written all over the wall. Take time to read these tips to know when to walk away or amend your relationship for the better.

You can’t go wrong by using this helpful guide by Elysha Krupp to know when things start packing up in your relationship and what important steps to take to salvage it or walk away.

1. She’s amazing – but you still can’t commit
She’s smart, sexy and doesn’t get mad when you go to grab a quick pint with your mates and accidentally pub crawl across London on a three-day bender. Translation: She’s perfect. Yet, even though you know she’s ‘perfect’, you can’t visualise yourself with her forever. It’s what psychotherapist Ken Page calls “the wave of distancing,” and it’s pretty common. “You’re with somebody who’s decent, kind, and available — and yet you get bored, judgmental, and annoyed,” he says. “So take a step back and let the wave pass.” Good advice — unless, of course, the “wave” lasts for six months. Then it’s probably not a wave, and either this relationship isn’t right or you’re not ready for any relationship.

2. Your sex life Is lousy
It’s surprisingly easy to tell yourself that a less-than-enjoyable sex life is OK if everything else about your partner and relationship is great. After all, it’d be superficial and shallow to put so much emphasis on sex, right? No, no, no. In fact, a recent study found that couples in secure and happy relationships have better sex lives than those in insecure, ambivalent or detached relationships. In other words, a satisfying sex life is a key part of a good relationship.

3. You feel guilty all the time
She Is Not The One Thinkstock Unless you’re an incredibly selfish person, or you’ve never been in a relationship before and are clueless about the give-and-take that goes on, you shouldn’t feel like the bad guy all the time. So if you’re always feeling like you’re doing something wrong, the real issue is probably either that you are doing something wrong (whether knowingly or subconsciously) or she has some issues with the relationship of her own. two of you are incompatible. Both need addressing and both might mean the relationship’s terminal. Failing to address these issues will breed resentment and get worse the longer you allow it to continue.

4. You can’t ‘do nothing’ with her
She Is Not The One Thinkstock After the newness of the getting-to-know-you and getting-to-see-you-naked stage fades, the relationship will centre on how well you two get along just lazing around on a Saturday morning (or maybe even a Friday night) watching Friends repeats. And if doing nothing together feels like making small talk with an estranged second cousin, that’s, um, not so great.

5. Your friends aren’t fans
Even if your mates have terrible taste in movies, music or the people they date, psychotherapist Ken Page says they’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not she’s right for you. And if they don’t get along with her — or if she can’t stand them — you most likely have some serious relationship issues. You can probably sense how they feel about each other, but if you’re not sure, ask a few who’ll be relatively impartial. “Listen to what your friends have to say when you ask their opinion,” Page says. “Just don’t let their analysis of your situation be your only basis for breaking it off.” In other words, it should just confirm what you already knew deep down.

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