Signs Your Girlfriend’ll Make A Good Wife

Most men want to have a perfect woman as a wife. A woman who would be beautiful inside out and still have the right morals and values that would help them build their homes.

The following signs would tell you if your girlfriend would make a good wife or not.

1. Hospitality
The woman you want to settle down with has to be hospitable; this is because you are starting a new life away from your family and you need to be sure she can accommodate your people. You do not want to marry a hostile woman who would make you and your siblings become estranged. If she does well in this regard, then check.

2. Humility
If your girlfriend is humble, then that is a plus. A humble woman tends to handle things with wisdom as she would always put people’s feelings into consideration before taking a drastic decision. This would help you to be favored too and would add honor unto you. If she is humble, she would make a good wife.

3. Hardworking
While your girlfriend may not have the strength to carry a bag of rice, you should be sure she is the type of person that would not rest until she feels some work has been done in the house. This means she would be able to keep your house together and contribute to the growth of your business one way or the other.

4. She has to be able to cook
If you have a girlfriend who is a lover of junks and roadside foods, you may have to reconsider. Your girlfriend has to be able to cook good meals; this would at least assure you that she would make a good wife and be able to provide for her family. The life you live as a married man should be different from the kind of life you lived as a bachelor.

5. She has to be funny
Your girlfriend has to be some interesting person; there must be something about her that you love. You cannot be stuck with some boring person who would make the house a dead zone for you. Having this kind of wife means you may not look forward to going home after the day’s work because of her nature. Your girlfriend has to be someone you can play and laugh with, that way you can be sure she would fit into the role of a wife.

6. Loving and understanding
If your girlfriend is loving and understanding, then you can be sure she would make a good wife. This is because she would put your mind at rest at all times while you hustle to provide for her and your children. Having a girlfriend who complains and nag a lot would kill you with frustration. She may push you into taking drastic measures as a result of her complaints.

7. She has to be good with children
Even though most people feel women and children bond naturally, some women dread being with children. They cannot stand or tolerate them for one minute. You have to be sure that woman you are dating is good with children before you make her your wife.

8. You should share similar life goals
Before you promote that girlfriend of yours to the position of a wife, you have to be sure you share similar life goals. You cannot pick up a prostitute who is driven by money and material things and expect her to settle down into the lifestyle of a pastor’s wife. It cannot work. You would always look over your shoulders while you are married to her. Your girlfriend must be someone whose life goals are on par with yours. You need to have a lot in common before you can function as a unit.

9. When she is emotionally balanced
The girlfriend you want to make your wife has to be someone who has control over her emotions. You do not need some hot-tempered woman who loves throwing tantrums as a wife. She would always create scenes in your life and embarrass you when her jealousy breeze blows.

10. When she is prayerful
This life is a battlefield; the earlier you realize that, the better it would be for you. While you may want your life partner to be like Kim K in stature and shape, you should also remember that you need a woman who is godly. She would be able to stand for you spiritually and fight your battles together. Making a woman your wife goes beyond the physical attraction.


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