Salary Palava: Much Ado About Oliseh & NFF

Hello sports fans round the globe. My column for this week is titled; ‘Much Ado About Oliseh & NFF”, and I think the initial in-house crisis is fast turning an international disgrace.

Enough of this confusion, ‘I payed you’, ‘Oh No! Here is, my account statement showing you have not paid in my dues’.

Then my question is; who paid who?

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. The next engagement maybe fruitful or heartbroken; thinking something does not make it true or wanting something does not make it real.

Soccer, Coaching & Management practices aren’t something that you can fake, its a feeling, a passion and a lifestyle.

Another fact is that if you don’t live, eat, sleep, and breath soccer, then you may not be a true soccer player, you just put on the jersey.

A lots of declining factors are affecting Nigerian football and sports generally. Let’s consider this; life is natural and and has series of spontaneous changes.

Those who try to resist the changes only create sorrow and distress. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally the way they like.

What one person is crazy about could be another person’s tough reality. In other words, life is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice even when change remains constant.

The greatest feeling in the world as a coach is when you are on that soccer field, with a feeling that your team is going to succeed, because you look around and see your 10 best friends playing beside you and the managerial aspect is essential to the grooming of anew squad/team.

I’m talking about a team that has all the features to succeed.

Give me the national team and see the magnitude and quality of a sociologist degree. The fact file is that, you can’t teach or impact to others, what you don’t know. So, let’s hope that the issue between Oliseh and the NFF would be sorted out soon.

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Peter Ijeh,
ULc, BSs.

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