Why Promasidor’s Cowbell Milk Remains Nigeria’s Best

By Ebenezer Osamo –

Ebi Valerie Akpeti, Manager, Corporate Communications of Promasidor Nigeria Limited, producer of Cowbell, Loya Milk, Onga, Top Tea, among other products, has revealed what has made her company tick with its brands.
In a recent interview with eyeonthesports.com, Ms. Akpeti disclosed that the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility stands out and speaks for itself.
According to her; “If you consider our Mathematics competition which we call NASMMAC, you will agree with me that it has stood the test of time.
“One of our policies in the country is that we do not start what we cannot sustain. So, we have that set-up already. We have a structure on ground which ensures a steady rise in our CSR aspect”.
Asked if Cowbell, the company’s major ‘export’ is still among the ‘elites’ in its category, Akpeti responded with sincere assurance, noting that even old women recognise the milk, which makes it one of Nigeria’s biggest brands.
“You will be surprised at the level of acceptance that Cowbell has in the villages and rural areas. My grandmother knows Cowbell just as much as you and I do.
“Isn’t that a clear evidence that we are still the very best in the country? We also have other brands in Promasidor, which are making waves in their respective categories. I think we are doing just fine in that regards.
“As for our CSR, we are on the lookout for other areas other than sports, education, healthcare and empowerment, where we can also give back to the society. The moment we identify one, we shall always carry out activities relating to them,” she told eyeonthesports.com.

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