People Don’t Take Me Serious Again -Pa james

Nigerian veteran comic actor, Kayode Olasehinde, popularly known as Pa James says people rarely see him as a serious man anywhere he goes.

While speaking about his career and love life, Pa James explained in details, how his stage plays have affected his real life.

“Oftentimes, people do not take me seriously even when I am not cracking jokes. For example, on occasions when I board public transport and the conductor owes me my balance, when I ask for my money, people would begin to laugh”, Pa James told punch in an interview.

“In reality, I am pained and I want my money, but the bus conductor and the passengers would think I am joking.

“There was a day that we were shooting at a location and one of the cast members fainted. Immediately it happened, I rushed out and began to shout for help, but when people saw me, they began to laugh.

“I overheard someone saying that they should not pay me any attention as I was only acting. The more I shouted, the more they laughed.

“It was not until people saw others shouting that they began to pay attention to the man that fainted. Later, they said that they were laughing because they thought that I was joking as usual”, Pa James said.

On how he got his stage name, he said: “I got the name from a Wale Adenuga Production and ever since, the name has stuck. It has been about 18 years now. Everybody saw the production, even outside the shores of Nigeria, and since then, I have been referred to as Pa James”.

Pa James further stated that he can act any role given to him aside from comedy.

“I can play any role given to me, but comedy is what I have been doing all these years. When I began as an actor, my bosses used to advise me to stick to the comedy line of the business and that is why no matter the role I act, there must be a comic relief in it. Sometimes, even if I act normally and I am serious, people would think I am joking”.

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