Paul: I Caught My Wife Making Love With A Policeman On Our Bed

.He Tells Igando Court –

A 54-year-old civil servant, Paul Onipede, approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his five-year-old marriage over wife’s adulterous act. gathered that the petitioner caught his wife, Philomina, making love on their matrimonial bed with a Policeman who lived in their area.

“Philomina immoral affairs with her Police lover came into open recently when I caught her having hot sex with him on our matrimonial bed.

“I wanted to beat the hell out of her but her lover prevented me, threatening to kill me if I dare raised my hands against her.

“Both of them dressed up and left my room, I wanted to hit the man with a stick but I fear unpleasant things might happen to me if I attack him.

“Prior to that day, I have been hearing rumours about my wife’s escapades with the Policeman but I did not take it serious until I caught them with my naked eyes,” he said.

According to him, Philomina was always threatening his life.

“After the day of the incident, anytime Philomina and I had misunderstanding, she will call her Police lover on phone who will come and arrest me and beat the hell out of me.

“There was a day my wife slapped me and I slapped her back, she called her lover who rushed to my house and beat the hell out of me.

“In the process of beating, he broke my right leg and I was admitted in a local orthopedic clinic for two weeks.

“After my recovery, my father and I reported the case to Police but nothing was done to caution him,” the estranged man said.

He said that his wife was diabolical.

“My wife is also fetish, I discovered a snail, a cow horn and other charms in her wardrobe.

“When I asked her what those items were doing in her wardrobe, she warned me never to open her wardrobe again,” he said.

Onipede said that his wife, Philomina, had been denying him sex that they only have sex once in six-month.

“She always starves me of sex but preferred giving it to her lover,” he said.

He begged the court to terminate their marriage, that he can no longer condole her adulterous life.

“I want to end the marriage so that I can forget how I met her with her lover on my bed. And to also leave her for her married Policeman in order for me to live long on earth,” he said.

Defending the allegations, Philomina, 40, denied all the allegations. She said that the Policeman was only a friend that she was not dating the Policeman.

“The policeman is only a friend, no strings attached. He only came to our bedroom to help me repaire something,” the mother of one said.

The businesswoman said that she denied her husband sex because he loves it too much.

“My husband wanted to kill me with sex, so I stopped him from having sex with me,” she said.

Philomina urged the court to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage, that she too was no longer interested.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case until April 4 for further hearing.

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