Pastor Impregnates Wife’s Friend

.Divorce Seeking Yetunde Olusoji Tells Court – (Cartoon credit: google).

Story By Nike Adekunle – has gathered that a Lagos-based Pastor Taiwo Olusoji has impregnated his wife’s friend.

Our reporter was at the Igando Magistrates Court on Friday, 17 February, 2017, when Pastor Taiwo’s wife, Mrs. Yetunde Olusoji told the Court how her Pastor-husband had sex with her friend and impregnated her.

“My husband is a womaniser, he impregnates my friend,” a 40-year-old trader, Mrs Yetunde Olusoji, told an Igando Customary Court early Friday in Lagos.

Yetunde told the court that her husband, Taiwo, with whom she bore a girl in their six-year of marriage slept with her friend and impregnated her.

“My husband who is a pastor runs after anything in skirt. He flirts around with some of his female church members. He is having an affair with my friend whom I invited to our church for prayers and now she is pregnant for him.

“When I confronted him, he begged me and said it was a mistake that he will not marry her but will only take responsibility of the child,” she said.

The petitioner accused Taiwo of using charm to marry her, claiming that she initially went to Taiwo’s Church for prayers when she was having marital problem that Taiwo gave her soap to bath.

She added: “I went to Taiwo to seek help concerning my former marriage that was collapsing. He gave me soap to bath thinking that my former husband will come back.

“After using the soap, instead of my husband and I to settle our differences, it became worse and I don’t know how I became one of Taiwo’s wives,” she said.

According to her, her husband always beat her anytime she goes to his Church to ask for money and he will not leave her until he sees blood on her. The mother of one said that she was no longer in love and that Taiwo was only keeping her as a sex tool.

However, Taiwo, 55, who welcomed the divorce agreed he slept with his wife’s friend but denied allegations that he impregnated his wife’s friend. He told the court that the lady in question’s pregnancy does not belong to him that it belongs to her husband.

“Although I slept with her friend but I am not responsible for her pregnancy,” he said.

Taiwo said that his wife always defamed and embarrassed him.

“Yetunde always come to my Church to embarrass and defame my reputation in the presence of my members. She will come to my church, lock me up in the presence of my members, calling me all sorts of names like thief, woman wrapper, cultist and other names.

“There was one day she came and naked herself in the presence of my congregation claiming that I abandoned her for two years,” he said.

The respondent said that Yetunde always threaten to bring his ministry down.

He pleaded with the court to grant his wife’s wish that he too was no longer interested in the marriage.

The Presiding Officer, Mr Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the case to March 1 for judgment.

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