Parents Can Now Control Children’s Online Exploits

ESET, a pioneer in IT security for more than two decades, on Thursday announced the global availability of its ESET Parental Control for Android app, which helps parents to protect their children when exploring the online world.

Having a tool to manage what their children do with their tablets and smartphones is important for parents.

According to IT News Africa, a survey commissioned by ESET showed that 88% of parents are worried about what their children can access online.

In that survey, 81% of parents said that they were troubled by the idea of their child visiting inappropriate web pages; 71% mentioned their children forwarding personal details to strangers; while 61% highlighted excessive amounts of time spent on devices.

Despite parents’ fears, only few of them have installed a parental control app to help manage their children’s online experiences, the survey revealed.

Children are increasingly moving from PCs to mobile devices in order to access the internet. Statistics show that Facebook alone has 1 billion active users a month connecting via mobile devices.

And with children, the dominant mobile platform is Android. According to forecasts, there will be over 1 billion Android devices in 2017 and they are attractive for children due to their lower cost in comparison with other products.

ESET Parental Control for Android app is the answer to parents’ worries. It enables them to be sure that children of all ages can enjoy the wealth of information and entertainment available online without the fear of online threats.

“ESET Parental Control app for Android safeguards children on smart devices by giving them protection and user experience, without limiting performance,” says Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO at ESET Southern Africa.

ESET Parental Control for Android is a child-friendly family protection system which helps parents to build a respectful relationship with their children, who use their own smartphones or tablets.

Designed to help parents protect their children against internet threats and inappropriate web pages, the app boasts a wealth of child protection features and a friendly user interface.

The Features include:
Application Guard: blocks inappropriate content based on the child’s age by default.

Time Management: allows parents to limit the time their child spends playing games and using other apps, even when the child is away from home.

Web Guard: the app automatically blocks predefined website categories, such as adult or offensive content, based on the child’s age. Additional categories or specific websites can be added too.

Child Locator: allows parents to request the current location of child device at any time.

Parental message: SMS sent from predefined parent numbers will lock the screen of the child’s phone until a read-confirmation button is pressed by the child.

Reports for Parents: detailed reports on app and web page usage. Reports are available to view at any time using parent mode in app; or via or can be sent regularly to parents’ email addresses.

The app contains an added option for children to ask their parents for special permission to access certain apps or web content, or ask for extra gaming or browsing time. “These features make ESET Parental Control a unique application for the Android platform,” concludes van Vlaanderen.

ESET Parental Control for Android is available from the Google Play Store, at the portal or via ESET’s partners.

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