Orton Faces Bryan In ‘Hell In The Cell’

Orton with Mich

*MIND GAME: Orton says Michaels resents him because he’ll always be better than the WWE Hall of Famer. Orton takes on Daniel Bryan on 27 October.

The WWE Championship is still being held in abeyance, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will step into Hell in a Cell to decide the issue once-and-for-all in a career-altering match that will take place at the upcoming pay-per-view of the same name.

And to assure that a clear decision is reached, the WWE Universe has selected WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels to be the special guest referee. Who will emerge from the mayhem with the WWE Title back in their grasp? Well, 27 October will answer that.
The fuse for this explosive contest was lit at WWE Battleground when – after months of controversy surrounding WWE’s top prize – Big Show knocked out both Orton and Bryan, thus ruining any chance of deciding the championship’s fate that night.

As a result, one night after the controversy unfolded on the pay-pay-per-view, Stephanie McMahon ordered Brad Maddox to establish the Hell in a Cell WWE Title Match.

Later that same night, WWE fans were given the chance to pick from a trio of WWE Hall of Famers; via the WWE App – and ultimately charged HBK to serve as guest referee and assure that the ongoing controversy will not keep the WWE Universe from seeing its champion crowned.
Hell in a Cell will be a true career-defining moment for both the “Authority”-appointed “Face of WWE” and WWE’s submission specialist – the perfect setting to finally see who bears the right to call themselves WWE Champion.
However, while the 20-foot-tall, enclosed steel structure will greatly reduce the chance of Superstars like The Shield and Big Show from influencing the action from outside, it also leaves the two fevered combatants with no way to back away from one other.

That could make for a night of all-out carnage, especially considering The Viper’s renewed connection with his sadistic side and the unyielding determination of The Beard.

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