Omotola Can’t Cheat On Me -Husband

The palatable love story of the Jalades continues, with the alleged declaration of Super star actress Omotola Jalade revealing she has been tempted countless times to cheat on her husband.

Although, Omosexy as she fondly called, insisted that she has never made such statement, her pilot husband Matthew Ekeinde has also confirmed that his wife can never cheat him.

“I know who I married, how self-respecting she is and also the nature of her industry. She is an actress for God’s sake, and it is not out of place for actresses to appear in scenes that may look a little out of place for a married person.

“The key thing is that my wife respects her marital status, and in our many years of marriage, she has been the best woman any man could aspire to have. In spite of her stardom, at home, she is my wife. She cooks for me, takes care of the home and, above all, is a great mother to our lovely children.

“I sincerely would implore her fans not to buy into rumours and speculations about her marital life, because I, the husband, the one that is lucky to have her as my wife, am so proud of her and I continue to thank God for bringing her into my life. I could never have asked for a better wife than Omotola”, the captain maintained in an interview with the media.

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