Omolabake Dumps Husband, 2 Children & Absconds With Her Boss

.Husband Wants Court To Dissolve Marriage –

A married man Mr. Kehinde Williams, has revealed that his wife, Mrs. Omolabake Williams has left her matrimonial home, dumped her two children and absconded with her boss, reports.

Williams has however approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, to end his five-year-old marriage to his wife, Omolabake for allegedly running away with her boss.

Williams told the court that his wife with whom he had two children was promiscuous that she ran away with her boss in the office to an unknown destination.

“I came home from work and discovered that my wife’s belonging was missing from our room. I was shocked because we never had any fight or disagreement.

“It was not long, I received a message from my children’s school that they did not see my wife to pick them up, I rushed to their school to take them. When I called her to ask what I did to her that made her to abandon me and the children, she said that she had moved on with her life that I should do likewise,” he said.

The petitioner said that when his wife was still living with him that a woman came to fight her for dating her husband.

“A woman stormed my house to beat up my wife claiming that she was dating her husband. I did not really take that woman’s allegation serious until now that she had absconded with a man,” the estranged man said.

He said that his wife always demand money from him before sex.

“My wife demands money per round of sex whenever I wanted to make love to her,” he said.

Williams said that, “My wife fights a lot, uses dangerous weapons to attack me, she is too troublesome”.

He prayed the court to terminate the marriage that he was no longer interested.

Omolabake, a 30-year-old trader, who did not deny any of the allegations, welcomed the divorce suit. She said that her husband does not care for her and that was why she sought solace in another man.

“He is stingy and does not give me money to buy food in the house, instead he goes to the market and buy food stuff himself. He has carried out deals of over N2million in my presence but he never buy me pure water from the money.

“So I have to seek help from a generous man because I cannot continue to be with him to be starve to death. In fact I married him by mistake and now I had found true love,” she said

She accused her husband of turning her to punching bag over sex.

“Kehinde had beaten me several times over my refusal to allow him make love to her. I asked for money because I know that is the only way I can get money from him,” she said.

The mother of two begged the court to grant the petitioner’s wish for the dissolution of marriage that she too was no longer interested.

The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola after listening to the estranged couple adjourned the case to March 21.

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