Olejeme Explains Why Nigerians Will Vote For Jonathan

“President Goodluck Jonathan has improved the banking and industrial sectors. The infrastructure is far better than he found it. New schools and universities have been constructed. He wants Nigeria to become a modern country, a First World country”.
These were the words of the deputy chairman, finance committee of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Saturday.
Olejeme told prominent women political leaders in the country that President Jonathan was committed to removing the barrier that stands in their way.
“He is addressing problem of parity and partnership, economic independence and political participation”.
Olejeme, who pondered over the future of the Nigerian State not only applauded President Jonathan’s wisdom in putting round pegs in round holes but said that for Nigeria to move to the next level “the people, particularly women, must vote Jonathan”.
“President Jonathan is the best among all those running for the 2015 presidential election. He understands the needs of the people”, she said.
At a meeting in Abuja to discuss the legacy of President Jonathan, Olejeme extolled the President for his vision, zeal and extraordinary commitment to the growth and development of the Nigerian State, describing him as a man of excellence.
The PDP chieftain urged Nigerians to judge President Jonathan on the basis of his work.
“We have a president that is governing for the peace, welfare and good government of the country. We have a president that is making decisions and taking actions, including public appointments, in the public interest without regard to personal or other immaterial considerations.
“We have a president that is treating all people equally without permitting any person or corporation special access or influence. We have a president that is informing the public of all decisions and actions. President Jonathan is committed to the principles of accountability and good governance”.
She advised the electorate to insist on the leader who has ability to provide service to the nation.
“We live in a country where there is respect for rule of law, unlimited environment for mutual conversation with the powers that be.
She also urged the youths to vote for the ruling PDP’s candidate Dr. Goodluck Jonathan
“President Jonathan needs to preserve all positive changes achieved so far”.

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