NSC Warns Federations Over Unapproved Competitions

The Director of Sports Federation and Elite Athletes Department (FEAD) of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Dr. Bolaji Ojo-Oba, has warned sports federations to desist from entering for international competitions without the approval of the NSC.
He stated that the NSC’s endorsement is required for Sports Federations to enroll for international competitions, describing the action of some federations that enter for such competitions without the knowledge and endorsements of the Commission as “wrong and a breach of established sporting procedure”.
Dr. Ojo-Oba said the Commission frowns at this attitude and would henceforth consider sanctions for erring federations.
Dr. Ojo-Oba spoke in the light of the controversy that has trailed the camping of Nigeria’s volleyball team, which is preparing for an international competition.
“The Commission was unaware that they were going for any competition. As at today, we do not have any written request for funds from them”, he said.
He further explained that many factors determine Nigeria’s participation in international competitions. “These include available funding, sports development goals, rating of the team and others”, he said.
“Federations should not just wake up and say they are participating in international competitions. When they enter for such competitions, it is under the banner of Nigeria and so the Commission, which is the premier sports agency in the country, should be fully aware and sanction it. This is essential for proper planning”.

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