Nollywood’s Uche Odoputa Says Father Still In Kidnapper’s Den 4 Months After

Nollywood actor Uche Odoputa has continued to lament about the abduction of his father, Kenneth Odoputa, who was kidnapped about four months ago.

The movie star made this known via his Instagram page on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

“It’s really very sad 😔 and heartbreaking 💔 how under the watch of one Government my state “Imo” has lost more person’s now then we ever did during the civil war 😢 including my father Mr Kenneth odoputa who has been taking away for 4 months now 😢 💔 without any information Dead/Alive and no one is saying anything about it hmmm #prayerforImostate,” he wrote.

The movie star’s father was kidnapped about four months ago alongside his friend.

The movie star took to social media where he made a passionate appeal for the release of his father and his friend.

“Today is the third Friday my father was adopted alongside his friend in Imo state. We’ve still not found him. We’ve still not spoken with him. He has still not been released,” he said.

“Please let’s continue praying for him until something happens. Let’s keep praying for his safe release and return from the hands of his abductors. Thank you.”

Source: Pulse.

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