Nollywood Shocked By Muna’s Death

The Nollywood scene in Nigeria was thrown into mourning when reports claimed that veteran actor Muna Obiekwe has died.
The news, which hit the country on Monday, shocked the nation as the screen big boy did not show such signs before his demise.
President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ibinabo Fiberesima, confirmed the news.
“Yes, we are really shocked to hear his death. He was a private person, he didn’t tell us he had problems so there was no way we could have helped”.
It was learnt that Muna had been battling renal related ailment but had kept it secret for a long time.
Some reports also claimed that his death was connected with his financial state. “He could not go for his regular dialysis for the past two weeks because he was broke but rejected seeking public assistance”.
Obiekwe was one of the most talented Nollywood Enugu actors who has featured in dozens of movies including Men in Love, Songs of Sorrows, Wasted Effort, My Best Friend to mention just a few,
In the drama Men in Love dating back to 2010, he played a gay man. The film was harshly criticized as many alleged that it was popularising the ideas of homosexuality in Nigeria.
In Fumble, the actor played a role for which he was wearing a female pant in one of the scenes.

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