Nigerians Groan As Fuel Scarcity Worsens

.This pictures shows what millions of Nigerians are facing at various filling stations due to scarcity of petroleum products across the country. –

Millions of Nigerians are groaning over the hardships created by weeks of fuel crisis in the country, which is not showing any sign of improvement. reports that the scarcity of petroleum products has worsen the poor standard of living of Nigerians, who have to endured long queues at filling stations to buy the commodity at exorbitant prices.
Those feeling the pain more are the unsuspecting consumers who pay through their noses to buy the products from the black market.
It was gathered that the hawkers have allegedly mixed some dangerous chemicals with the products to increase their content to enable the sellers make huge profit.
The pathetic situation has drastically affected a sharp increase in the prices of goods and services in Nigeria.
Some Nigerians who spoke to this online newspaper at various locations said: “This hardships are becoming unbearable because we don’t have power to do many things at home. The only option we have to get an alternative power is via generating sets, but we can’t power them without fuel.
“We don’t know what to do next because petrol has becomes a gold now in this country. A liter now sells for around N150 as against its original price of N87”.
Apart from scarcity of petrol, flights have also been grounded and generators that salvage the situation when the country’s epileptic public electricity supply goes off, have now run silent, leaving many without power.
Meanwhile, many companies have shut down because they cannot get diesel to fuel their plants, while more may be forced to do same if the situation persists till next week.

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