Why Nigerian Teams Can’t Perform Beyond Africa

Hello sports fans, it’s a pleasure for me to be back with this edition of my column, which bothers on “Why Nigerian Teams Need To Change Performance Philosophy”.

I would prefer to start with the notion that globalization has placed the economy of the world in a fragile balance.

Politically, the spirit of unrest prevail in every continent of the world. Even in the great democracy, there is instability.
There is labor unrest: likewise in sports, which is supposed to be the link to harmonize the game with those partaking in it.

Nigeria’s Super Falcons are out of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the same fate befell the country’s U-20 team, popularly know as the Flying Eagles. Only recently, Nigerian top club sides; Enyimba International of Aba, Kano Pillars FC and Warri Wolves crashed out of continental engagements (CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup).

Our team’ unceremonious exit in international competitions makes me uncomfortable, and we, as a nation must realize that each win and defeat always add value or devalue the country’s image. Not only that, it determines the standard of a Nigerian player and it goes to affect how such a talent is rated in the transfer market.

To me, it’s a tragedy that with the quality of Nigerian coaches, currently tutoring various top teams abroad, our administrators back home can’t tap into their talents.

Nigerian teams at club and national levels are lagging behind due to lack of managerial competence, this has affected the teams’ strategy not to excel beyond Africa.

Taking into cognizance the performances of the Falcons, Flying Eagles and those of the country’s clubs in recent times, I, as an Advanced UEFA Licensed coach know there are tactical differences in games execution.

I believe that the Nigerian team playing model has to be more potentially groomed. The soccer methodology has to be readdressed in earnest.

Because by evaluation; Nigerian teams can match any team strength-to-strength and by individual skill and speed. But by team cohesion, coaching methodology, and playing model, the strategy applied back home is questionable, especially against non Africans teams.

Having a football knowledge isn’t enough vision, and our top shots should know that game philosophy also plays a key role in soccer model outlines.

Politics and sports or sports diplomacy offers the use of sports as means to influence diplomatic, social, and political relations.

However, sports diplomacy transcends cultural differences and bring people together. Picking the right resources to accompany a task: The use of sports and politics has had both positive and negative implications.

Interestingly, sports competitions or activities have had the intention to bring about change in certain cases where the right things are done.

And, sometimes, nationalistic fervor is linked to victories or losses on sports fields. That’s why life has series of natural and spontaneous changes. And, any attempt to resist these changes only create defeats which end in anguish.

So, remember that;
You can’t stop the future,
You can’t rewind the past,
The only way to learn the secret ..is to PRESS PLAY.

Let’s face the reality. Our administrators need to expand their scope by harnessing the human and natural resources available to Nigeria home and abroad, so that things can flow naturally. That’s the way forward alright.

Hope you enjoy this piece, I shall be back with another one soon. Till then, ensure you read my column in eyeonthenews.com, and like our Face Book Page to get breaking news.

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