Nigerian Military Intensifies Battle Against Terrorism

.Over 600 Terrorists Killed In One Month –

Even as there is little information flowing from the military about their ongoing operations against terrorism in the North-Eastern parts of the country, several sources have confirmed to PRNigeria that over 600 terrorists must have been killed in the last one month while other insurgents are finding life extremely difficult.

A top security officer said: “While the terrorists have engaged in guerrilla tactics of using vulnerable girls and young men for suicide attacks on soft targets, we ensure that their fighters do not escape as they continue to meet their waterloo in the hand of the troops.”

In their desperation to create fear among the citizens, the terrorists are now deliberately targeting remote villages where their former members who had renounced the sect membership were taking refuge.

On the guerrilla tactics employed by the terrorists, the security source said “The major challenges we face is that of suicide bombers who might be operating with insiders within the communities. There is no way we can identify potential terrorists or suicide bombers from their faces or movements. Some of them look as innocent as new born babies.”

The Officer therefore urged the residents to muster the courage by exposing suspects, strange objects or movements to the relevant authorities from prompt actions.

The source added that since the emergence of new administration of President Muhammadu Buhari no single territory in Nigeria is being occupied or proclaimed by the terrorists as their ‘Caliphate’ even as their leaders are either being killed, captured or on the run.

One particular senior military source disclosed that “both the army and air force personnel are not relenting in the battle to rid the region of terrorism and are daily dealing ruthlessly with the enemies by killing them and destroying their vehicles, especially in recent operations.”

It was however learnt also that relentless campaign against the Nigerian military by Amnesty International (AI) was a serious nuisance as it dampened troops’ morale.

“Nonetheless, very senior officers and military psychologists have revved up their efforts in assuring combatants that AI reports were meant exactly to achieve that same negative objective of dampening morale and so, they must never allow the enemies of Nigeria to win”, a source disclosed.

The Nigerian air force continues to conduct their regular missions while soldiers conduct raids on suspected terrorist’s hideouts “but nobody is allowed to even carry phones when going on such operations much less cameras so that AI and its cohorts will not have further negative evidence against troops defending their nation and its citizens.”

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