Nigerian Girl: Suffering From Brutality Of Rapists

Innocent girls have been left to fight emotional battles and high degrees of injuries after being defiled (sexually abused or gang-raped), but the offenders are yet to face the full wrath of the law in Nigeria, reports on this indecent act. –

Defilement is any sexual intercourse with an under age girl whether or not the child consents.

Defilement can cause physical injuries inside and outside of the body (including cuts, tears, severe bleeding and damage to internal reproductive organs, which sometimes requires surgery), psychological damage to victims (including depression, fear, anxiety, distrust and sometimes suicidal thoughts) death.

Others repercussions of the dastardly acts are unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, interruption of schooling (as victims are often forced to drop out of school) and social stigma to mention just a few.

However, professionals such as Lawyers, Cleric, victims and others in Nigeria have condemned child defilement and want rapists to face the full wrath of the law.

A legal practitioner, Bar. Shola Idowu, said that defilement of a minor is an offence that must not be bailable.

“Child-defiler should not be granted bail, they should remain in custody until their innocence is proven.

“It was disheartening that many alleged rapists never experience their trials to a logical conclusion,” he said.

Idowu said that defilement is on the rise recently in Nigeria against the backdrop of the numbers of such cases that magistrate courts hear weekly.

“There has been a rise in defilement cases because our society seems to be willfully deprived, immoral and uncultured,” he said.

Speaking on the issue, a Senior Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church, Rev. Victor James, however, said that convicted rapists need to be rehabilitated after serving their punishment.

He said the church would not support capital punishment for rapists because it discourages conversion and change.

“Defilement brings about psychological, moral and spiritual trauma on victims but society must also give room for repentance”, James said.

Another Lawyer, Bar. Ebun Ojo, said that those culpable of child defilement must be sentenced to life imprisonment when found guilty so as to serve as deterrent to intending rapists.

“We need to put measures in place that will serve as deterrent to persons that defile minors.

“Many defilement cases are thrown out of court for lack of evidence as parents do not want their children to testify against the accused persons because of stigmatisation”, she said.

Ojo said: “The new administration of Criminal Justice Law which has been recently passed into Law should be executed in such a way to curb the menace of child defilement.

“Defilement is a violation of the body and a traumatic one that can leave the victim scarred for life.

“We must ensure to have a register of anyone who has been accused and the register must be a public one,” she said.

A victim’s mother identified only as Mrs. Idowu, want castration as a form of punishment for rapists, saying it will serve as deterrent to others.

“Men who defile minors should be castrated, I believe with this child rape will stop in our country.

“The child that is defiled is the one that bears the stigma and cannot live a life devoid of fear of the opposite sex”, she said.

A Counselor, Mrs Taiwo Ajayi, said that the penalty for defiling a minor must be made stiffer even at the level of bail for the accused.

“One out of every four girls in Nigeria suffers sexual violence, it is time to take action against this indecent and criminal offence.

“Judges and Magistrates should sanction rapists who defile minors in accordance to the stipulations of the Criminal Laws of the land.

“Section 137 prescribes life imprisonment as penalty for defilement, how many accused have been sentenced for life? Even the ones that pleaded guilty to the crime were given liberal punishments.

“It is a dent on our criminal administrative system that a child defiler is released before the matter gets to court because of complacency on the part of parents and the Police,” Ajayi said.

A school proprietor, Mrs Onyekachi Eze, said that greater emphasis needed to be placed on sex education for young girls.

“Schools need to check their bus drivers; parents must observe their children’s care giver; teachers should teach sex issues in class and parents must check activities of their house keepers.

“They should also look out for the kind of friends their female children kept and to guide and guard against exposing them to situations favourable to defilement.

“Parents need to be more vigilant because they hold the key to stop the rape of minors,” she said.

Abused Girl
.File photo of a sexually abused young girl.

…How We Were Raped -Victims
However, some of the victims who were sexually abused have spoken to Below is how the victims narrated their ordeals to our reporter;

An 11-year-old victim who was defiled by a neighbour said that her defiler sent her on an errand to buy airtime (recharge card) for him when he raped her.

“Baba Tope came to give me N100 where I was washing my clothes, he said I should buy him a ‘recharged card’.

When I came back, I knocked at his door and entered to deliver the message to him. As I was about leaving his room, he carried me and dropped me on his bed.

“I wanted to shout for help but he covered my mouth with his hands, tore my clothes and forceful had sexual intercourse with me.

“I was in pains and could not go to school for three days because I had wound on my private part,” the innocent girl said.

Another victim, a 12-year-old girl who was defiled by her teacher said that the teacher defiled her in his staff room.

“My mathematics teacher inserted his manhood into my private part and have sexual intercourse with me.

“After he removed his manhood blood was coming out of my vagina, he used my school cardigan to clean it and promised to buy me a new one.

“He then brought out a charm from his bag and touched me with it, warning me that if I tell anybody, that I will die.

“Because of fear, I did not tell anybody and he continued to have intercourse with me until a female teacher caught him.

“The female teacher raised an alarm and reported to the school, because of shame, I dropped out of school for a term until my parent secured another school for me,” she said.

…Confession Of A Rapists:
Meanwhile, Covenant Dako, a father of three who is 41 years old has confessed and described how he raped an under age girl.

He was arraigned at an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court, where he pleaded guilty to defiling his neighbour’s five year-old daughter.

“I defiled the girl when she came to my room to watch television, she touched me and my manhood began to erect, it had been long I had sex because my wife used to deny me sex.

“I tried to control myself but I could not so I removed her pant and inserted my manhood into her vagina.

“It was difficult for me to penetrate because her vagina was very small, so, I had to forced it in as my manhood was demanding for it.

“I stopped when I saw blood gushing out of her vagina and discovered that her vaginal had been damaged,” the rapist said.

Another rapist, an ex-convict, Idris Abu, 34, who was jailed for defiling a minor and released after servicing his punishment was brought to Court again for defiling another minor.

Abu said that he defiled under age girls because he does not have a girlfriend.

“I do not have any girl friend and I don’t have money to pay a prostitute to have sex, that’s why I raped my neighbour’s daughters”, he said.

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