NFF Worried Over Electoral Hitches

The Nigeria Football Federation has expressed serious concern over the handling of the electoral process ahead of elections into the NFF Executive Committee this month, which has drawn complaints and attracted widespread criticisms from members of the Nigeria football family.
“We have received phone calls, phone messages and emails, and there have been media reports of persons being denied forms for unclear reasons.
“The litany of complaints and widespread condemnation has been deafening. The best legacy that this team can give to Nigeria football is a flawless electoral process leading to credible elections,” Chief Mike Umeh, NFF’s Acting President, said on Tuesday in Abuja.
There have been ringing condemnation of the handling of the sale of forms, particularly, and Umeh assured that the NFF would not turn a deaf ear to the cries of those genuinely desirous of purchasing forms but who have been unduly denied.
“We will look at the issues arising from the entire process and take a decision that will be in the interest of, not only those bonafide members of the family who have been short –circuited, but also of the system.
“All persons eligible to purchase forms should be able to. It should be alevel –playing field for all because we are keen on credible elections thatwill satisfy the yearnings of Nigerian ball fans and make our country proud,” stated Umeh.

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