NFF Holds Player’s Agents Exam 3 April

Following a circular from world football governing body, the Nigeria Football Federation is set to conduct this year’s FIFA Players’ Agents examination on Thursday, 3 April, 2014. Incidentally, it will be the last such examination, as the current licensing system will be
abandoned from this year summer.
The circular, dated 31 January, 2014 and signed by Markus Kattner, FIFA Deputy General Secretary, explained that the world body will send to each National Association a total of 15 questions that relate to the international regulations, while the National Association (in this
case, Nigeria Football Federation), will be required to set five questions on national subjects, and such questions shall be set as multiple choice test.
“In order to avoid potential irregularities, the examination will be scheduled for one day only.
“FIFA has the sole authority to set questions relating to international subjects.
All associations are therefore strictly forbidden from setting their own questions relating to international subjects. In the event of any violation in this regard, FIFA will not recognise the examination results from the association (s) concerned, therefore rendering invalid all players’ agents licenses that are awarded as a result of the respective examinations”.
The circular also went ahead to remind all National Associations that each correct answer to any question shall be awarded one point only, and a minimum of 60 minutes and maximum of 90 minutes will be allowed candidates for the examination.
“We kindly remind you that, following the endorsement by the FIFA Congress on 31 May, 2013 in Mauritius, of the new approach on Players’ Agents Regulations, the current licensing system will be abandoned from the summer of 2014”, the circular further stated.
NFF’s Chief Legal Officer, Barrister Okey Obi said on Tuesday that the NFF has always abided by all conditions and stipulations set by FIFA for the Players’ Agents examinations and will do likewise this year.
“We are comfortable with all the regulations and have never had any problem with any of the conditions. We are prepared as ever to conduct a hitch-free and credible examination on Thursday, 3 April, 2014, starting from 10am”.

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