Nasarawa ‘Assembly House Of Horror’

.Lawmakers Fight Like Motor Park Touts –

Lawmakers of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly on Monday, shamefully threw decorum to the gutter and engaged in a physical brawl over the appointment of sole administrators for 11 local government councils by Governor Tanko Al-Makura.

According to a faction of the House, the governor’s action was illegal while another faction supported the governor’s appointment.

The brawl took place right on the floor of the State House of Assembly about two hours after the governor had inaugurated the 11 sole administrators.

During the melee, tables and chairs were upturned while glasses were shattered as the lawmakers displayed attributes of motor park touts.

A member of the House Committee on Information, Makpa Malla, subsequently informed journalists that all the seats and tables were broken during the fight.

“As you can see, this is the executive room of the state House of Assembly, where we sit down every morning to discuss matters which would bring development to the state and the country at large.”

“Categorically, I want to state here that the division which caused this chaos was as result of the appointment of the sole administrators by the governor. As a responsible legislature with some of us as lawyers, we insisted that the right thing must be done.”

“The Section 7 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – as amended – guarantees a democratic system of governance at the local government level. The provision of the constitution is explicit on how the local government structure should be run.”

“That is why we are kicking against the appointment of the sole administrators. Sole administrators only existed during the military era and as respecters of the rule of law, we must ensure that the executive must also respect the rule of law.”

Speaking in the same vein was Abubakar Kana, an All Progressives Congress member representing Kokona-West, who stated that there was no provision for the position of sole administrator in the laws of Nasarawa State.

“Where would the sole administrators derive their powers from? Who determines the tenure and salaries of the sole administrators? Sole administrators are not known to Nigerian and Nasarawa laws.”

“If the sole administrators commit any offence, under what law would they be tried?”

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker, Godiya Akwashiki, a Peoples Democratic Party lawmaker representing Nasarawa-West, supported the governor’s action.

“They accused some of us of receiving N50m bribe each from the governor. I want them to come out with proof. They should show the world the video to back up their allegations.”

“Although there is the principle of separation of powers, we still meet with the governor when necessary. The meeting could be on his request or on our request.”

“Last week Friday, the Speaker of the House wrote a letter to the governor, requesting that the House wanted to see him. The governor granted our demand by honouring our invitation. The governor invited all of us but only 17 of us attended the meeting in Abuja while others stayed back.”

Akwashiki added that the governor had to inaugurate the 11 sole administrators because of the security situation in the state.

He said: “We cannot afford to leave the councils without heads. The tenure of the former local government chairmen expired on March 24, 2016.”

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