Mitchel Obi Re-Elected AIPS Africa President

Nigerian journalist Mitchell Obi has been re-elected unopposed alongside first Vice President Mourad Moutaoukil at the AIPS Africa Congress in Nairobi, Kenya on Monday, December 18.
Incumbent Guinea’s Amadou Dioulde Diallo retained his post while Kenya’s Chris Mbaisi, Sudan’s Mufti Mohammed Saeed and Ethiopia’s Yonas Teshome Getaneh were voted in as the other vice presidents.
The Congress unanimously agreed to amend its constitution for an expanded executive committee, meaning the executive will co-op two other members.The amendments are meant to make the continental body be all inclusive by ensuring that all the regions and gender are well represented.

The amendments provide for four Vice Presidents drawn from the continent’s regions which have been zoned into North, South, West together with East and Central regions which have been merged to form one zone.

A total of 22 countries voted in the elections on Monday.

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