Minor Hitches Mar World Cup Opening Ceremony

After speculation that she might back out of her planned appearance, Jennfier Lopez took the stage during the World Cup’s opening ceremonies on 12 June, but the performance didn’t go off without a few hiccups.
For her rendition of “We Are One (Ole Ola),” Lopez took the stage with Pitbull and Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte. The number kicked off with a giant LCD ball opening to reveal Leitte within, clad in a blue glittery leotard/soccer jersey, the number seven printed on the back.
But J.Lo and Pitbull’s entrance didn’t go quite as smoothly. A technical glitch caused a problem with the riser that was to bring the U.S. pop stars up from beneath the stage.
According to yahoosports, the elevator-like contraption paused, dipped, and resumed its journey upward at a slow, awkward pace, finally forcing Pitbull to step up a foot or so to exit. Afterwards, he extended a hand to help J.Lo onto the platform.
Audio problems also plagued the performance; Pitbull momentarily fell out of synch with the backing track, and J.Lo tapped her microphone a few times as if to make sure it was turned on.
In the televised version, the sound came across poorly mixed and echo-y.
The troubles, however, didn’t stop the stars from trying to bring some life to the tournament’s tepid official song, waving their arms as though they just didn’t care. When it was over, the trio triumphantly waved single fingers in the air.

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