Match Catches Neighbour Having Sex With His Wife In Lagos

.On Matrimonial Bed –

Reports from the Leadership say a man, Udoh received the shock of his life when he caught his legally married wife, Gift having sex on their matrimonial bed with a neighbour, Chukwuka in the Ajegunle area of Lagos state in Nigeria.

This incident happened on Saturday, 12 September, 2015 where he arrived at the house at Ojo Road and was informed by neighbours of the illicit affair going on involving his wife who has two kids for him.

Udoh decided to peep through the window of the room for confirmation and he was shocked to see the neighbour drilling his wife on the bed.

A neighbour who identified himself as Joseph Enang disclosed that immediately Udoh saw Chukwuka on top of his wife, he screamed: “Abasi mbong!” and rushed to the door where he screamed the name of his wife, Gift.

Udoh was said to have attempted to break the door of his bedroom when his wife Gift opened it and he dashed in but Chukwuka escaped through the sitting room door. Enang said Udoh was looking for his cutlass under the bed when Gift escaped from the house.

In the words of Enang: “When Udoh picked his cutlass and came out looking for both Gift and Chukwuka, they were nowhere to be found. Udoh bit his hand and swore that if any of them returns to the premises, blood would flow.

“He called his wife’s elder brother, telling him to order his sister, Gift back home or he would not see her alive. He narrated what happened to her brother.

“The neighbours were aware of the adulterous behaviour of the duo. Chukwuka is also married and blessed with one boy. His wife had quarrelled with him over his relationship with Gift but he would not listen. He lied that there was nothing between them but just good neighbourliness.

“People in the compound knew what was going on and later told the man secretly and that was why he told the wife he was going to an emergency party at Ikorodu and may not return on time.

“Unknown to the wife and his secret lover, he had set a trap for them.”

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