I Married A Hefty Wife, Now She’s Beating Me Like A Baby

.Pensioner Tells Nigeria Court, Wants End To 30 Years Marriage (Photo for illustration) –

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A 60-year-old pensioner, Mr. Olusegun Adodo is regretting his special love for a very robust and hefty woman, saying his wife of 30 years has turned him to a punching bag eyeonthenews.com reports.

Adodo, who could no longer tolerate beatings from his wife, Mrs. Omotayo, has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, South West Nigeria, to dissolve his 30-year-old marriage.

Adodo said that his wife with whom he had two daughters was fond of punching him as if she was punching a bag, beating him like a baby.

“Is it a sin that I married a tall and fat woman. She will beat me to death one day if I continue with the marriage. I have scars all over my body as proofs of her abuse. Please, save me from the cruel hands of my wife.

“Whenever she beat me and I have wound on my face, I used to lie to people that I hit my head on the wall or fell down from a motorcycle,” the estranged man said.

The embittered husband also disclosed that his wife encourages their daughters to harbour men in their room.

“One morning, I was returning from a vigil, I saw two men coming out of my daughters’ room, I tried to query them but they took to their heels. When I asked my wife of the mission of those men, she could not give me a satisfactory answer,” he said.

The petitioner said that his wife also encourages their children to steal by fighting him whenever he tried to discipline them for stealing.

“My daughters aged 17 and 14 have penchant for stealing and my wife does not allow me to beat or punish them just because she was barren for years before she had them.

“There was a day I came home and met the Odua People Congress (OPC) members disciplining my daughters by asking them to stool-down. When I asked what their offences were, I was told that they stole N50,000 from a woman four houses away from ours, incidentally, the money was recovered from them, when they came in, I wanted to beat them but my wife did not allow me.

“My daughters stole my two phones from where I was charging them when I was asleep, I asked my wife and daughters for the phones, they claimed that they did not take them, so I assumed somebody from outside must have stolen them.

“Some days later I heard the ringing tone of one of my missing phones coming from my daughters’ room, when I rushed there, behold my first daughter was receiving a call with the phone. She had destroyed my SIM card.

“Stealing is in my daughters blood, they duplicated my room key without my knowledge and stole my N100,000 that I collected from ‘Esusu’ savings. On another occasion, they stole my Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card and withdrew my last N150,000. Most times, I come home to meet my room ransacked. I can no longer walk freely on the street because of my daughters’ behaviour,” he said.

The sexagenarian said that his wife lacked care for him and was not giving him food.

“My wife also starved me of food, I buy food to eat,” Adodo said, and begged the Court to end the loveless marriage before his wife terminates his life as she had caused great damage to their children.

However, the respondent, Omotayo, denied starving husband of food.
“I did not starved my husband of food, he was the one that stopped eating my food and making love to me accusing me of planning to poison him in order for me and his daughters to inherit his house and other property,” she said.
The 56-year-old trader said that the children never stole people’s money nor did they stole their father’s phones, ATM or money that her husband just wanted to tarnish their images.
According to her, the two men that passed the night in their daughters room came to give them tutorial and could not go home because it was very dark.
The mother of two said that her husband refused to pay the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC)fees of their daughters claiming they stole his money.
“My husband refused to pay for the senior and junior WAEC fees of our daughers, I singlehandedly paid the money and he refused to pay me back
Omotayo said that her husband had unforgiven spirit.
“He had vowed not to train the children in university even if they pass excellently, ” she said.
She, however made a fervent plea to the court not to dissolve their marriage since she was still in love with her husband.
“Please, help me beg my husband not to divorce me, I will make amend in correcting the children over any wrong doing,” she said.
The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the case to July 26 for further hearing.

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